Budget and LCAP

Creating the Budget

Each year, the superintendent seeks feedback from schools, district departments, unions, and the community. This input is used to develop a budget proposal based on the amount of funding SFUSD can expect from the state and other sources. Our Board of Education reviews the proposal, and ultimately decides whether or not to approve or amend it. With ongoing and expanding use of evaluation data, SFUSD continually reassesses its efforts and allocation of resources to foster students’ academic success.

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

California school districts are required to adopt Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs), which are plans for districts to show how they will spend supplemental funds from the state to support their high-needs students. Parents, students, labor partners, and community members have the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape SFUSD's LCAP, similar to how we look to the community for input on district and individual school budgets.

Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

In July 2013, Governor Brown signed into law a new way to distribute money to California school districts. Known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), it is the most comprehensive reform to California’s school funding system in 40 years. With LCFF, school districts serving high-needs students receive more funds, based on the number and percentages of high-needs students they serve. Supplemental LCFF money will support students who need it most, such as low-income students (as measured by their eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch), children in foster care and students learning the English language.

Understanding the Budget and LCAP

How is the budget determined?

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How is the LCAP created?

SFUSD convenes a team of district staff, representatives of student and family advisory groups, bargaining units, and community organizations to work collaboratively as the LCAP Task Force. The task force meets once a month during the school year, with a focus to improve transparency, accountability and communication about SFUSD’s Local Control and Accountability Plan.

If you have any questions about the LCAP Task Force or the district’s current LCAP, please contact us at budget@sfusd.edu.

Help us shape our LCAP by attending a public forum (Español | 中文)
See the LCAP Task Force participants and statement of purpose

The conversation surrounding our LCAP

All school districts are required to engage their community in the LCAP process. Our LCAP engagement events are coordinated with the districtwide budget process, including conversations at school community meetings as part of their work to develop site plans (their Balanced Score Cards).

Our goals are to expand opportunities for families and school communities to be involved in the conversations, increase awareness of state education funding, and build an understanding of SFUSD’s equity focus for allocating resources to support our students.

How are we doing?

SFUSD gathers a great deal of data—everything from how students feel about school to how well they can solve quadratic equations—and uses this data to shape the budget. Click here to see some of the important facts we are looking at as we begin to shape our 2017-18 LCAP and budget.

School Site Budgeting and Planning